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Helping you to have more Happy Days.

Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Hi, I'm Lucy. I believe we all need happy days.

Using hypnotherapy and promoting skills for managing feelings, I support children and adults through the challenges that life can bring, promoting resilience and problem solving.


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We're lucky enough to live by the sea, but our 11-year-old daughter's fear of dogs was so bad we could never go to the beach (even with bribery of an ice cream) because of the volume of dogs. Lucy spent two sessions with her, one at our home and one via Zoom. There's a vast difference now. I can't thank Lucy enough for her time and empathy. We're hoping for walks and ice-cream on along the seafront this summer.

Dog PhobiaChild with a dog phobia

I just had to share my proud muma moment and thank you for your contribution to this great achievement. From his teacher below:

"I'm just writing a quick email to say how very impressed I was with X's homework... I really wanted to acknowledge the effort put into their homework and hope that he is starting to see the positive effective of this consistently good work..."

School work focusFocus with school work

X seems much more stable and happy in herself...we felt it was a notable difference in her. Friday was a non school uniform day and I was expecting a melt-down but she skipped into school! Thank you so much for everything you have done, she certainly seems more on a steady ship.

HappinessHappiness and contentment

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