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About me...

As a primary school teacher of over 25 years, I’ve seen a growing number of children struggling with self-esteem, school refusal, anxiety and other limiting beliefs that affect their normal day-to-day functioning. I have watched these numbers grow again since the lockdown due to the Coronavirus keeping children isolated from their learning academically and socially.

As society was allowed to reintegrate, children have found it hard to get back to how they were before virtual ‘everything’ became the norm.

Teaching in Hong Kong both in International Schools and Local Chinese Schools for 10 years gave me my first insight into children from a variety of cultures. I saw the pressures put on some of them (and from as early as 2) to succeed and excel.

What was incredible about my time in Hong Kong, was how different the attitudes towards children varied across the continent. It is well known that the Japanese have a very different approach to bringing children up, they encourage curiosity, and equality with all and nurture strong bonds with the mother and with society by promoting the values that have them living together and sharing the work from an early age. Children are taught to be independent and grow up without the expectation of getting rewards for their hard work or need words of encouragement from others to feel validated, and their emotional and mental needs are carefully listened to by their parents and guardians and help is given to them when they face challenges.

As a teacher, I became aware of the importance of children’s mental and physical health and how we have a common duty to provide them with the most stable, nurturing and experience-rich upbringing possible.

This ran even deeper when I was lucky enough to finally become a mother. Having my two boys fulfilled a long-awaited wish for me and quickly changed from it being about me, to being about them. I struggled with post-natal depression and found that NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) helped me on my journey back to me. The more I worked with my mentor and coach, the more I fell in love with the power of NLP and how, when you want to change, NLP gives you the tools that help you make the changes.

I became an NLP Practitioner and the seed of wanting to work with children, helping them learn the tools that will stay with them for life began to grow. I then found hypnotherapy and realised that this was the addition to my growing skill set that will help embed the learnings taught.

Upskilling for me started with training as a Forest School teacher as the boys reached school age. I knew I still wanted to work with children, but in an open, natural environment. I recognised the importance of building confidence for myself and the children that attended my Forest School and felt the powerful benefits of the natural environment for all concerned.

Training in NLP and Hypnotherapy not only released years of limiting beliefs but also helped me see clearly how I can help children become themselves again in the comfort of their own homes. Helping them grow their toolbox of skills builds confidence, and resilience and helps them thrive. This has become my mission, to help as many children as I can find those happy moments each day to build on what is positive and become confident lifelong learners of skills beyond the classroom.